Console Editions of Minecraft are basically going away :(

Official news from the blog:

Sadly, the Minecraft Update Aquatic will be the final update for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and the Wii U. (PlayStation 4 is still getting updates.)

Before I continue with this blog post, I am not upset with Microsoft at all. They're a great company! :)

The Minecraft Bedrock edition is good but not at all for some console players. I think the decision to have BOTH versions getting updates would be great. I don't think the idea of having Bedrock as the main version was good either. I AM NOT SAYING THE MINECRAFT BEDROCK EDITION IS BAD! It is also a great game. However, the UI used to be much better for phones and tablets. The UI for computers did not matter as there was already a Java edition that was a lot better for people who are playing on computers. At the time of discovering Minecraft Java, the controls weren't right for me. I've fitted into them now...

I remember LONG ago (v1.0 wasn't even a thing for Minecraft Bedrock, neither was 0.11!), the controls were much different. Now, the UI is bad for touchscreen devices, computers and consoles and it doesn't seem to fit for me either. Also, the fact that the new cursor for the Bedrock edition is great! Just the cursor doesn't seem at all Minecrafty. And some of the fonts (since 1.1) seem very Microsofty, not Minecrafty... (btw I love the Microsoft font so that's not a problem for me)


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