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Video coming out on Monday!!! :D

Just to let you know that I accidentally published a video but I put it on private immediately!!!

Don't worry though as a new video is coming out on Monday. 😂

Console Editions of Minecraft are basically going away :(

Official news from the blog:
Sadly, the Minecraft Update Aquatic will be the final update for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and the Wii U. (PlayStation 4 is still getting updates.)
Before I continue with this blog post, I am not upset with Microsoft at all. They're a great company! :)
The Minecraft Bedrock edition is good but not at all for some console players. I think the decision to have BOTH versions getting updates would be great. I don't think the idea of having Bedrock as the main version was good either. I AM NOT SAYING THE MINECRAFT BEDROCK EDITION IS BAD! It is also a great game. However, the UI used to be much better for phones and tablets. The UI for computers did not matter as there was already a Java edition that was a lot better for people who are playing on computers. At the time of discovering Minecraft Java, the controls weren't right for me. I'…