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Fortnite died


Do you want more videos?

I'm going to get my laptop repaired in a few weeks so do you want to see more videos?COMMENT BELOW!(No one will reply to this xD)


I cannot really record any more videos RIGHT NOW because my laptop is broken. I have to go to another TV and connect my computer to that which isn't really what I would like to do. I will attempt to upload another video today but there won't be anymore videos for a while :(

Oh and in case you're wondering the PC that broke it's the Lenovo Yoga 510 if you're interested in what not to buy xD

Do you want me to play Fortnite?

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I will still be doing Minecraft videos regularly!

Video coming out on Monday!!! :D

Just to let you know that I accidentally published a video but I put it on private immediately!!!

Don't worry though as a new video is coming out on Monday. 😂

Console Editions of Minecraft are basically going away :(

Official news from the blog:
Sadly, the Minecraft Update Aquatic will be the final update for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and the Wii U. (PlayStation 4 is still getting updates.)
Before I continue with this blog post, I am not upset with Microsoft at all. They're a great company! :)
The Minecraft Bedrock edition is good but not at all for some console players. I think the decision to have BOTH versions getting updates would be great. I don't think the idea of having Bedrock as the main version was good either. I AM NOT SAYING THE MINECRAFT BEDROCK EDITION IS BAD! It is also a great game. However, the UI used to be much better for phones and tablets. The UI for computers did not matter as there was already a Java edition that was a lot better for people who are playing on computers. At the time of discovering Minecraft Java, the controls weren't right for me. I'…

...TRUST ME...

Video. Coming. Out. Soon...
...TRUST ME...

You've got a treat tomorrow!!!

The scheduled video for tomorrow has just been uploaded!!! The link to my Minecraft skin will be there! <3 p="">

Thank you for 40 subscribers!!!

Thank you SO much!!!

Video has came!

YouTube didn't let me publish my video for 5 minutes. But after 5 minutes, it knew I was getting aggravated and published my video. *sigh* Out now though, enjoy it!!!

Playing With A Moderator!! (Video 127 is out now!)

You'll never believe what happened? You read the title? Great! Watch it below!

36 Subscribers! THANK YOU!!!

Massive thank you to everybody who has subscribed! A week ago, we had 33 subscribers; now, we have 36!

Video coming out soon, it's a very interesting one!

33 Subscribers!!

Thank you ever so much for getting me back up to 33 Subscribers!!! Really appreciated :)

IMPORTANT SKIN NEWS!!! - My Minecraft Skin will be available to download soon!!!

I have nearly been around a year on YouTube! This is a huge "milestone" so I thought I'd do something nice too!I will offer it to all my 32 subscribers and friends! This includes Hypixel, Xbox and Roblox friends! PlayStation Network friends may be included soon.

So, what's the big idea??? You might know my skin is a custom skin and one of a kind so you can't get it on the Minecraft store but if I put it available to download then you will be able to download it on most PE devices and Windows / Mac / Linux and put it into the custom skin area. Custom skins aren't available on Console Editions - this includes Xbox and PlayStation. If you have another device that supports custom skins then you can download it from there.

Now, how do I download it?

1. There will be a site (probably a OneDrive or Google link) that you can download my skin. Press the download button. Also, you can see my skin before downloading it so you can see what Minecraft is going to see to cr…

Video 120 Is Out Now | See It Now!

Video 120 is now out. You can see it on or above.

New Video Coming Out Soon!

As you might know, for the last few days, I have been working on this fantastic website! However, I am making my return to YouTube TODAY! Make sure you press the bell button when subscribed to get a notification on it! Also, if you subscribe on and you will get an update on all the important news (if you subscribe on and all news (if you subscribe on

Also as a note, this is the first blog on! There will be a post coming out soon!

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THE VIDEO IS READY TO BE UPLOADED! It will come out at 18:46 (GMT)

Meltdown And Spectre Bugs

The Intel bug has been all over the news recently.

It's not just Intel though but it might be a HUGE problem.

Learn more by pressing Read More!

This post also has links to what you need! 

I'm sure we're all aware of the Intel core bug. I've been looking over the Internet about what you need to stay safe in this 'minor' situation.

Before we get started, let's look at what people ask about the bug.

Q: Shall I worry about it?
No, not really.

Q: What are the two bugs about?
The bug means that hackers stealing sensitive information is possible. The chances of that are relatively low, it's mainly businesses that will have the problem. You can learn more about that here.

Q: Have Intel released a statement?
Yes and you can see it at

Now, let's just look at it.

If you have Google products, you can see what you have to do at

Apple released an update for the latest Mac OS system. I don't have a Mac so I don'…


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