News regarding if you want to download my skin!

IMPORTANT SKIN NEWS!!! - My Minecraft Skin will be available to download soon!!!

I have nearly been around a year on YouTube! This is a huge "milestone" so I thought I'd do something nice too!I will offer it to all my 32 subscribers and friends! This includes Hypixel, Xbox and Roblox friends! PlayStation Network friends may be included soon.

So, what's the big idea??? You might know my skin is a custom skin and one of a kind so you can't get it on the Minecraft store but if I put it available to download then you will be able to download it on most PE devices and Windows / Mac / Linux and put it into the custom skin area. Custom skins aren't available on Console Editions - this includes Xbox and PlayStation. If you have another device that supports custom skins then you can download it from there.

Now, how do I download it?

1. There will be a site (probably a OneDrive or Google link) that you can download my skin. Press the download button. Also, you can see my skin before downloading it so you can see what Minecraft is going to see to cr…

Hi there... ?

No one is reading this which is why the website is coming to an end. (What a journey it's been! - not) Although it costs £11 a year (which is an alright cost) I've kind of stopped making YouTube videos on the All Your Bricks channel. If I were to continue (and wanted a website again), I would use another domain registar, hosting registar etc. I don't dislike Google Domains, just would need more power for my website.

Video-wise? I will only really do videos when I feel like it and at the moment I don't. I will continue video making elsewhere and it's a skill I will keep, thanks to Movavi Video Editor.

On Minecraft? I won't be on Minecraft too much.

On Fortnite? Well that was dead in the first place.

Bye? Yes. (For now.)

When will the domain be leaving us? In early January 2019, a year after I registered this domain. I have only turned off auto-renew, I am not removing the domain from Google Domains, since I might as well make t…



Fortnite died


Do you want more videos?

I'm going to get my laptop repaired in a few weeks so do you want to see more videos?COMMENT BELOW!(No one will reply to this xD)


I cannot really record any more videos RIGHT NOW because my laptop is broken. I have to go to another TV and connect my computer to that which isn't really what I would like to do. I will attempt to upload another video today but there won't be anymore videos for a while :(

Oh and in case you're wondering the PC that broke it's the Lenovo Yoga 510 if you're interested in what not to buy xD

Do you want me to play Fortnite?

Press the Post a Comment button or ? Comments button and comment Fortnite.

I will still be doing Minecraft videos regularly!

Video coming out on Monday!!! :D

Just to let you know that I accidentally published a video but I put it on private immediately!!!

Don't worry though as a new video is coming out on Monday. 😂

Console Editions of Minecraft are basically going away :(

Official news from the blog:
Sadly, the Minecraft Update Aquatic will be the final update for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and the Wii U. (PlayStation 4 is still getting updates.)
Before I continue with this blog post, I am not upset with Microsoft at all. They're a great company! :)
The Minecraft Bedrock edition is good but not at all for some console players. I think the decision to have BOTH versions getting updates would be great. I don't think the idea of having Bedrock as the main version was good either. I AM NOT SAYING THE MINECRAFT BEDROCK EDITION IS BAD! It is also a great game. However, the UI used to be much better for phones and tablets. The UI for computers did not matter as there was already a Java edition that was a lot better for people who are playing on computers. At the time of discovering Minecraft Java, the controls weren't right for me. I'…